Hi, I am

Joel Herber

I am a coder.

about me

My name’s Joel, and my greatest passion is to bring the worlds of stunning art and great tech together to make great experiences. I’ve built a reputation as a solid and independent creative coder, but I also love the harmony of working with a great team towards a common goal.I’m all about working on things with good stories to tell and inspired art styles that push the boundaries of what interactive entertainment can do.




I live to make games and collaborate on challenging projects with other awesome creatives. I love tinkering, and I work hard to create entertaining interactive experiences.



I can develop, craft and deliver both cross-compatible and native apps that suit your needs. I’ve created sleek and powerful apps that work beautifully, for a better user experience.



I’m not just a coder, I’m also a team leader. I’ve managed large scale apps, handled big technical budgets, and liaised with clients both indie and international to get the project delivered on time.



Fun Fact

28 Countries Visited

12 Apps Published

[coffee_count] Cups Of Coffee

Advanced Scuba Diver


Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Apart Of Me

Arca’s Path

Hold The World

Sketchy Racer

A paint based racing game

Super Block Party

An un-co-operative party game

Tee and Mo: Bath Time

Shimmer and Shine

Paw Patrol


A in house Testflight replacement


Part pig, part Unicorn

Get Well Soon

BAFTA winner for Interactive: Adapted 2016

Toadal War: Top of the Hops

Winner of EGX Rezzed Creative Assembly Gamejam 2017

Dances for the Elder Gods

Our global game jam entry 2016

Dora and Friends

Sesame Street Art Maker

Bubble Puppy: Play and Learn

Super Jump Golf

The Jump Golf season is approaching and everyone is catching the fever

Midi Drum Tab Teacher

A tool to learn drums using a Midi drum kit

Mario Mushroom Lamp