Connect GitLab to Trello

One of the things that I have always found useful when working with task tracking software, is the ability to see a list of all git commits associated with a given issue. Currently commit tracking is only supported for Business class users, and so far only GitHub is supported.
Here I will explain how you can get Git to automatically link your trello cards with your git commits.

1) Firstly, install node and node trello,

sudo npm install -g node-trello

2) Next get an app key from trello using the folowing link:

3) Allow Git-hook to use your account –,write

4) Unzip the attached ZIP file into your .git directory for your project (this file may be hidden for you). So the path should be your_project_path/.git/hooks


5) You may need to make the script executeable

chmod +x your_project_path/.git/hooks/*

6) Open the post-to-trello file in the hooks folder and fill in your key, token, repo link, and board id. To get you board ID, go to your trello board in a browser and append “.json” on the end of the URL e.g.

Now anytime you mention a card number in a commit message like this : “#44 Some message”. Your comment should appear on your card. Credit to¬†mashihua for the initial Git -> trello code.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 13.07.09